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Symptoms and medical problems

The following medical problems can occur through excessive vibration

The main aim of the new guidelines is to reduce medical problems caused by vibrations, thus protecting employee health and safety.
The main focus is on hand-arm vibration (HAV), which can lead to vibration white finger.

Electric machines that transfer high levels of vibration to the hand and arm of the operator can cause chronic health problems.
Excessive vibration causes blood vessels to narrow, meaning that circulation to the fingers is restricted. Over time this can cause the fingers to lose their sense of touch.
HAV can also cause involuntary muscle spasms in the hands, meaning the operator is unable to work.

Excessive vibrations from electric machines can also cause other health problems, such as damage to the nervous system, joints and muscles, especially in the hand and arm.

The guideline thus makes sense, as it protects the health and safety of the employee.

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